Women in Computing E-Board


This year's E-Board is very excited to provide a support network for women in computing fields at Michigan State, and we hope you will join us in our mission to empower and encourage young women to discover a love for computing.
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Claire LaValley

Computer Science '24


Hello! My name is Claire LaValley and I am so excited to be serving as WIC’s President this year! I am a senior majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Business. My career interests include software development, project management, and cybersecurity. In my free time I enjoy running, trying new restaurants, and baking. I hope to continue to develop a strong community of women in tech and provide both social and professional opportunities for our members. I look forward to making it another great year for WIC and meeting any and all who come to our meetings!

Tatiana Voegerl

Computer Science & Information Science '24

Vice President

Hi everyone!!!! My name is Tatiana Voegerl and I’m the current Webmaster! I’m a junior at MSU double majoring in Computer Science and Information Science. I chose to major in CSE because I enjoy solving puzzles and love the feeling of figuring problems out. I look forward to meeting and collaborating with everyone this upcoming school year!

Outside of WIC, I’m a lead mentor for Girls Who Code and Technovation and also do research in the BEACON center here at MSU. I’ve also have had the privilege to intern at Leidos as a software engineer. In addition to being a member of WIC, I am also a member of Phi Sigma Rho engineering sorority.

If you have any question or are looking for a friend, feel free to reach out to me!

Grace Park

Computer Science '24


Hello everyone, my name is Grace and I will be treasurer for WIC 2023-2024 school year. I’m a senior studying Computer Science. I am involved in MSU various ways, especially in College of Engineering, by being an undergraduate learning assistant for PHY184 EMP-Cubed, a Women in Engineering ambassador, Girls Who Code/Technovation mentor, and a professorial assistant with a CSE professor through the honors college. In the summer of 2023, I have interned with Bank of America as their Global Technology Summer Analyst in Jersey City. My very first involvement at WIC was through WIC’s study buddy program that connected students in the organization by their major so they can get to know one another and study together. I found this to be very helpful and since then, I started getting more involved in WIC. WIC will be offering many valuable opportunities (not just career perspective but also good friendships) that I don’t want you all to miss out! If you have any questions or just want to chat, feel free to reach out! Hope to see you all in our meetings :)

Navya Singh

Computer Science '25


Hi! I am Navya, a junior majoring in Computer Science, and I’m stoked to be WIC’s Secretary this year. I am from India but currently live in Dubai. Apart from CS, I am also taking minors in Data Science and CMSE. I have always been passionate about machine learning, and currently, I’m working as an Undergraduate Research Assistant on a computer vision project at HAAIL. You can also find me working in the CSE 231 department, where I’m a ULA. If you ever want to chat, have questions, or just want to hang out, feel free to reach out anytime! :)

Sasha Tarasova

Computer Science '25

Outreach Chair

Hi! My name is Sasha Tarasova, and I am excited to be taking on the role of outreach chair! I’m currently a junior majoring in Computer Science with a minor in Game Design, and I’m also a research assistant at the FRIB here at MSU. In my free time I like to tuft rugs and be outside, and I’m really looking forward to all the events happening in WIC this year. I can’t wait to meet more people so please say hi if you see me!

Sanaye Lewis

Computer Science '25

Corporate Relations Chair

Hi! My name is Sanaye Lewis, and I am excited to be this year's coorprate relations chair. Outside of WIC I am an ambassador for Women In Engineering K-12 Outreach, and a mentor for Girls Who Code and Technovation. I am also an honors student leader, and a professorial assistant for the TAP Lab, and I am apart of Chaos Dance Crew. In my free time I love to dance, watch musicals, and eat cheese!

Liv Perelli

Computational Data Science '26


Hi everyone! My name is Liv and I am the Webmaster for WIC. I am in my second year at MSU studying Computational Data Science. Along with classes, I am an undergraduate learning assistant for MTH 314. Outside of school, I participate in IM sports (volleyball and flag football), run, play the ukulele, and am trying to teach myself to play guitar. I am so excited to be a part of the E-Board, and I love being a part of the WIC community. WIC was the first club that I attended at MSU and it was filled with immense support all around. I hope everyone will be able to feel all of the support and community that WIC has to offer, and please reach out if you ever need anything!

Ashlin Riggs

Computational Data Science '24

Lean In Chair

I first joined WIC my sophomore year, and it has been the highlight of my Tuesdays ever since. I first served as the Outreach Chair, and this year, I am serving as the Lean-In Chair. The leadership and networking skills I have learned through WIC and my WIC sponsorship to the Grace Hopper conference have empowered me academically and professionally. The strong female leadership I see within this organization is so exciting. I could not be more proud that my fellow WICsters and executive board members represent the next generation of leadership in tech.

Najiha Jaigirdar

Computer Engineering '24

Social Chair

Hi everyone! I am Najiha, a junior majoring in computer computer engineering with a concentration in software systems and a minor in graphic design. Some of my hobbies include drawing and painting :) I love WIC because I get to make so many friends here!

Tanvi Gadamsetti

Computer Science '26

Social Media Manager

Hi! I'm Tanvi and I am the Social Media Chair for this year!I'm from San Antonio, Texas and I'm currently a sophmore studying Computer Science. I'm minoring in business and some of my hobbies are reading and swimming! I love WIC because of the community we offer :) It's filled with so many supportive people and is just in general a great enviorment.

Sanju Kona

Computer Science '25

Community Relations Chair

Hi! My name is Sanju Kona and I am serving as the Community Relations Chair this year! I am currently a junior studying Computer Science with a cognate in Information and Media, and this is my third year in WIC! I chose to major in CS because I love how broad technology is, as well as how impactful it can be. Technology is used in every industry, so I can explore the different uses and applications. I'm really excited to help share our organization with others and grow our WIC community! WIC is an amazing community that fosters both professional and personal growth and I can't wait to meet all the new members. Outside of WIC, I have been involved in Women In Engineering and a Spartan Girls Who Code Mentor. In my free time I like to play tennis, go for nature walks, and attend MSU games!

WIC Extra Mile Leadership Award

The WIC Extra Mile Leadership Award is given each year to a member of the WIC Executive Board whose outstanding leadership in the last year has contributed towards improving the club. The WIC President and WIC Vice President nominate an awardee, who must be approved by the WIC Advisors. The WIC President, WIC Vice President, previous EMLA recipients, and students who could graduate in the current academic year are ineligible. The purpose of the award is to recognize outstanding leaders and encourage them to run for other leadership positions in the coming years.

2023 - Ashlin Riggs

2020 - Zosha Korzecke

2019 - Camille Emig & Sarah Johanknecht

2018 - Harshita Das

2017 - Lauren Allswede

2016 - Courtney Irwin

2015 - Neha Gupta

2014 - Ashlee Deline

2013 - Chelsea Carr & Kaitlin Davis

2012 - Mairin Chesney

2011 - Cassi Miller & Kathryn Bonnen

2010 - Meghan McNeil