MSUWIC is creating a support network of current and past members with the goal of sharing knowledge and advice on diversity in computing-related fields. Are you interested in connecting with us? Consider joining the MSUWIC community!

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Women in Computing E-Board


President: Samantha Sebestyen

Vice President: Kirsten Gross

Treasurer: Sonia Moozhayil

Secretary: Sanaye Lewis

Outreach Chair: Ashlin Riggs

Corporate Relations Chair: Claire LaValley

Webmaster: Tatiana Voegerl

Lean In Chair: Hannah Dale

Social Chair: Harika Gatla

Community Relations: Gabrielle Lovett

Social Media Manager: Sanju Kona

Women in Computing E-Board


President: Sophie Martin

Vice President: Samantha Sebestyen

Treasurer: Elizabeth DeBack

Secretary: Gabrielle Lovett

Outreach Chair: Tatiana Voegerl

Corporate Relations Chair: Anna Parkinson

Webmaster: Gigi Padalec

Lean In Chair: Hannah Dale

Social Chair: Harika Gatla

Community Relations: Anna Catenacci

Social Media Manager: Kirsten Gross

Women in Computing E-Board


President: Gabby Kelsch Bledsoe

Vice President: Alyssa Bossman

Treasurer: Sophie Martin

Secretary: Melanie Harju

Outreach Chair: Zosha Korzecke

Corporate Relations Chair: Amtullah Naalwala

Webmaster: Clare Kinery

Lean In Chair: Jennifer Browning

Social Chair: Kirsten Gross

Community Relations: Hannah Dale

Social Media Manager: Samantha Sebestyen

Women in Computing E-Board


President: Sarah Johanknecht

Vice President: Camille Emig

Treasurer: Allison Mutka

Secretary: Gabrielle Singher

Outreach Chair: Zosha Korzecke

Corporate Relations Chair: Gabby Kelsch Bledsoe

Webmaster: Clare Kinery

Lean In Chair: Maddie Jones

Social Chair: Alyssa Bossman

Community Relations: Sophie Martin

Social Media Manager: Melanie Harju

Women in Computing E-Board


President: Harshita Das

Vice President: Sasha Morford

Treasurer: Camille Emig

Secretary: Allison Mutka

Outreach Chair: Linda Duong

Corporate Relations Chair: Anjali Munasinghe

Webmaster: Rebecca Skladd

Lean In Chair: Sarah Johnaknecht

Social Chair: Maddie Jones

Community Relations: Hannah Striebel

Women in Computing E-Board


President: Lauren Allswede

Vice President: Sarah Fillwock

Treasurer: Nayana Kodur

Secretary: Erin O'Hara

Outreach Chair: Harshita Das

Corporate Relations Chair: Camille Emig

Webmaster: Savanna Pinkoski

Lean In Chair: Meenu Sundararaju

Social Chair: Sasha Morford

Outreach Coordinator: Sarah Johanknecht

Women in Computing E-Board


President: Paige Henderson

Vice President: Courtney Irwin

Treasurer: Jilian Rose Co

Secretary: Sarah Fillwock

Outreach Chair: Halle Dymowski

Corporate Relations Chair: Lauren Allswede

Webmaster: Nico Vergara

Lean In Chair: Nayana Kodur

Social Chair: Savanna Pinkoski

Outreach Coordinator: Harshita Das

Community Relations Chair: Meenu Sundararaju

Women in Computing E-Board


President: Neha Gupta

Vice President: Meghan Huynh

Treasurer: Courtney Irwin

Secretary: Lauren Allswede

Outreach Chair: Halle Dymowski

Corporate Relations Chair: Lauren Kelley

Webmaster: Nicole Lawrence

Community Relations Chair: Sarah Fillwock

Women in Computing E-Board


President: Erin Hoffman

Vice President: Caitlin McDonald

Treasurer: Neha Gupta

Secretary: Abigael Onchiri

Outreach Chair: Elizebeth Florian

Corporate Relations Chair: Ashlee DeLine

Community Relations Chair: Lauren Kelley

Women in Computing E-Board


Co-President: Danielle Guir

Co-President: Taylor Jones

Vice President: Kaitlin Davis

Treasurer: Neha Gupta

Secretary: Ashlee DeLine

Corporate Relations Chair: Erin Hoffman

Webmaster: Caitlin McDonald

Community Relations Chair: Eunbong Yang, Jennifer Manning, Nicole Lawrence

Women in Computing E-Board


President: Mairin Chesney

Vice President: Chelsea Carr

Treasurer: Erin Hoffman

Secretary: Megan Chorazyczewski

Social Chair: Kaitlyn Davis